"COMING UP FOR AIR" is Phry McDunstan's first solo EP and was released on November, 26th 2021.

The EP features six songs - three of them being instrumental guitar songs while the other three feature vocal performances by lead singers Jeff Bragg (USA) and Jamie Wiltshire (UK).

All songs were written and produced by Phry McDunstan.

Time And time again (2022)

"Time And Time Again" was released on November 25th, 2022.

Autobiographical songs like "This Is The Place" which opened Phry's debut EP, can also be found here with songs like "Time And Time Again" which thematically deals with Phry's complicated relationship with his family.

"Mirage" is a bluesy song about unrequited love and the EP's last song "Hunt For Treasure" is dedicated to a good friend, who has been struggling with himself for quite some time.

But there's also songs that deal with Phry's views and thoughts on current events and topics with "Safe And Sorry".

The collaboration with other talented musicians has always been very important to Mr. McDunstan and the fantastic drummers Glenn Welman (on songs 1,2,4,5 and 6) and Bruno Melro (track 3), as well as the very powerful, yet also soulful vocals of singer Jeff Bragg of the US band "Sons Of Alerik" enhance the songs immensely.

The EP's instrumental songs feature exciting leads of the versatile guitarist Daddo Oreskovich on "Trainwreck" and a great trumpet solo by Latin musician Frank Grillo on "Suroeste".

In summary, "Time And Time Again" is intended as a very personal, musical snapshot from Phry McDunstan's life that wants to convey his message of personal growth and self-reflection to the outside world.

All songs were written and produced by Phry McDunstan.